DJ Drama Says a Failed Attempt at an Outkast Gangsta Grillz Led to “The Art of Storytelling, Pt. 4”


DJ Drama‘s appearance on the New Rory & Mal podcast uncovered a lot. In addition to reflecting on the Meek Mill and Drake beef, DJ Drama thought about a Gangsta Grillz mixtape that never came about.

“Outkast was supposed to do a Gangsta Grillz,” Drama explained. “Me, their manager at the time, Blue Williams, Dre and Big Boi all got on the phone, we were gonna do a Gangsta Grillz … It was supposed to come out before ‘Idlewild.’”

The tape didn’t come about because of time constraints within the film and the soundtrack. Instead, they offered an Outkast single. “I was like, ‘What? Hell yeah! Okay,’” Drama added.

The song is “The Art of Storytelling, Pt. 4,” where Big Boi and Andre 300 floated across a Don Cannon beat and brought Marsha Amborious for a feature. You can hear the whole story from DJ Drama below.