DJ Khaled, Future & Lil Baby Drop Official Music Video For "BIG TIME"


DJ Khaled has dropped the official music video for “BIG TIME,” the latest single from his thirteenth studio album, God Did with Future and Lil Baby, in tow. Check it out below.

The video premiered on Friday (August 26), shortly after the album’s release, and it finds the trio living life in a tropical setting with a bevy of bikini-clad women. Khaled opens the video sitting in a bathtub before Future lures fans into his verse.

Just left from Booby Trap, had a money fight / It don’t make sense, it don’t make dollars (Don’t make dollars) / A different breed, I’m far from normal (Far from normal) / I’m takin’ a check and flippin’ it, like I know gymnastics / Can’t post my dawgs on IG, because they too active,” Future raps.

Lil Baby jumps in with his verse rapping: “Birdman, Manny, face, skin, bro, we big time / I’m rockin’ out with who I rock with, and I don’t gotta pick sides / We don’t talk ’bout nothin’, I don’t gotta switch lines / It didn’t take that long, got this money up in real time / Make sure everybody eat, girl, fuck how they feel ’bout it / Please don’t kill my vibe, I don’t wanna hear about it.

“Big Time” follows “Staying Alive” featuring Drake and Lil Baby, which found the rap duo playing the roles of doctors alongside DJ Khaled in hospital. The new album has been the talk of social media because of JAY-Z’s fiery verse on “GOD DID,” also featuring Rick Ross and Lil Wayne.

The Brooklyn rap legend dropped several bars on the track filled with various double and triple entendres. Young Guru posted a video of himself breaking down one of the lines where Hov mentioned his friend Emory “Vegas” Jones.

“So one, on one level is like ok we got it out the mud, and you know Emory’s backstory of him going to jail, him taking the charges, him taking the time right,” Guru said. “But when you get a facial, what do you do? You’re cleaning your face, you taking away all the bumps, all the bruises, all the scars, all the blemishes when you get a facial.”

He continued: “What do they use to do the facial? The mud, so it’s the makeup on the face, but also with the facial, right, with the mud, it’s basically saying you can’t come to me with a face done being fake. The make up is it not really your real face. It’s not just for women, men come in with makeup on, too. Not in the physical sense.”

Guru had also praised JAY-Z’s greatness on the song with a tweet earlier this month. “HOV is the greatest of all time,” Guru tweeted at the top of the month. “This can’t be debated anymore!!!”