DJ Mustard’s Ex Says She’s “Flabbergasted” By Alleged Emotional Abuse In Custody Battle


DJ Mustard’s ex-wife Chanel Thierry claimed he tried to convince a court she was an unfit mother. Thierry called out her ex-husband via Threads and Instagram Stories on Friday (October 20).

“Imagine a man leaving you after 11 years, less then a year later moving his gf into the home y’all custom built for your family, playing house with your kids then turning around and trying to paint a picture like you are a unfit parent to get custody,” she wrote on Threads. “I’m truly flabbergasted.”

Thierry shared the post on Instagram Stories with additional thoughts. She accused DJ Mustard of emotional abuse.

“No longer tolerating the emotional abuse on the back end,” she wrote. “I will stand for myself always when the occasion arises and especially for my children.”

DJ Mustard married Thierry in 2020. They share three children.

Last year, DJ Mustard filed for divorce. He became embroiled in a bitter legal battle with Thierry, who sought $82,000 per month in child support.

According to The Blast, Thierry was awarded $24,500 per month in child support. A judge validated the couple’s prenuptial agreement, which left her with no spousal support. Thierry received a one-time payment of $315,000 from DJ Mustard based on the terms of their prenup.