Doja Cat and SZA Team Up Again for a Remix of SZA’s ‘Kill Bill’


Doja Cat took to Twitter earlier tonight to tease a surprise collaboration with SZA. The duo’s previous collaboration, “Kiss Me More,” was a massive success and won them their first-ever Grammy Award. While the Twitter exchange was cryptic, Doja revealed that the duo’s new song would drop on April 13th at 9 pm. The song, titled “Kill Bill,” features Doja’s rap verse at the beginning of the track, which is different from her pop-influenced raps.

Although SZA‘s “Kill Bill” was already a massive hit, she wanted to team up with Doja Cat for this track. Doja’s verse adds to the storytelling and showcases her talent for leaning into rap while still retaining her signature humor. It appears that Doja is aiming for a more mature sound with this collaboration, hinting that she wants to distance herself from the pop genre.

Doja Cat’s fans have been eagerly waiting for new music, and the Twitter exchange sent them into a frenzy. The collaboration is already garnering positive reviews, and fans are excited to see what else the duo has in store for them. With the success of their first collaboration and the early hype for “Kill Bill,” it’s clear that Doja and SZA are a powerhouse team in the music industry.