Doja Cat Bedeviled By Satanist Claims Despite Dressing Like Devil


Doja Cat discussed people’s reactions to her use of Satanic imagery in an interview with Apple Music. The brazen rapper/singer said too many fans tried to attach a deeper meaning to her images and videos when she only selected certain visuals because she liked how they fit her songs.

“I like the idea of I did it on purpose and it’s this big ruse to make people react, but I also like the idea of—what it is is that I love this piece of visual art,” she told Apple Music. “I like this visual for this sound. So, I chose that visual and I applied it to the sound and people made up what they want, which is what you do with art. You interpret it how you want to interpret it.”

Doja Cat often trolled fans over their devil-worshipper accusations. She even provided them with more ammunition with her “Demons” and “Paint the Town Red” music videos. But she admitted it was frustrating to see how many people seriously believed she was a Satanist.

“Everybody has the right to interpret it how they want, but this whole very confident Satanism thing is like, I’m sorry – when the f### did I say that I was a Satanist?” she asked. “When did I ever say anything or even go marching outside the church? Talking about—no, when the f### did I say that? Anyway, it’s really tacky and annoying and f###### discredits a lot of the hard work that I’ve put in. It discredits a lot of the hard work that a lot of people have put in.”

Doja Cat released her latest album Scarlet in September. The project debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200, making it the second-highest charting album of her career.

Check out Apple Music’s conversation with Doja Cat below.