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Doja Cat Speaks Out: Calls "Planet Her" and "Hot Pink" "Cash Grabs", Teases New Album Title


Internationally acclaimed artist Doja Cat recently voiced her opinion about her previous albums, dubbing them “cash grabs.” The singer-rapper, known for her eclectic style and innovative music, appears to be setting a new tone for her upcoming work.

Doja Cat, in a candid statement, expressed her sentiments regarding her albums ‘Planet Her’ and ‘Hot Pink.’ She labeled them as “cash grabs,” stirring intrigue among fans and critics alike. This unexpected statement reflects Doja’s ability to critique her own work, demonstrating her commitment to artistic growth and evolution.

As Doja Cat continues to define her musical journey, she dropped hints about the title of her forthcoming album. Although the artist didn’t reveal too much, the mere mention of a new project has her audience eagerly anticipating what she will bring to the table next. Given her previous successes, the expectations are high for Doja’s next musical venture.

The music world will undoubtedly be keeping a keen eye on Doja Cat as she continues to evolve as an artist. This latest revelation not only humanizes her but also gives a unique insight into her creative process. As she moves forward, Doja Cat is clearly not afraid to challenge her past while looking to the future.