Drake Accused of Copying The Weeknd’s Flow on ‘Greece’


DJ Khaled reunited with Drake to deliver two new singles, “Popstar” and “Greece,” but they didn’t arrive without some criticism.

“Greece” in particular has fans comparing it to Drake’s fellow Canadian, The Weeknd. “Come with me, leave all of your things, yeah / We can stop at Gucci, stop at Louis V, yeah / Come with me, fly you out to Greece / Full speed, survoler Paris,” Drizzy sings in a French accent.

According to XXL, some fans have pointed out the similarities in Drake and The Weeknd’s flow. “Drake Sounded Like The Weekend In Greece I Couldn’t Tell If It Was The Weekend Signing Or Drake,” wrote one person, while others shared memes depicting The Weeknd’s reaction after hearing Drake on “Greece.”

The Weeknd has been credited for shaping Drake’s sound, particularly on his 2011 album Take Care, but his producer Noah “40” Shebib says his influence is exaggerated. “There’s, like, 22 songs on Take Care. He contributed on four of them,” 40 told Rolling Stone. “It’s a common misconception. I made that whole album. I saw Abel maybe two days. I was in there for like a year.”

There were also some who compared Drake’s “Popstar” flow to Valee, pointing to the Chicago rapper’s 2018 song “Womp Womp” featuring Jeremih. “‘Popstar’ is dope. Valee Womp Womp flow still getting love in 2020. Give Valee his flowers 2021,” tweeted Valee’s manager, Andrew Barber.

Despite the controversy, most fans seem to be loving the records. Khaled took to social media to express his gratitude to Drake. “I want to take time to thank @champagnepapi for always showing me love and for working with me for more than a decade,” he wrote. “I cherish our friendship and I’m very grateful to have a friend and brother like you.”