Drake Scolds Fan For Throwing A Vape At Him Mid-Performance


Drake was mid-performance at Brooklyn’s Barclay Center on Thursday night (July 20) when he was forced to pause the show. At some point during the concert, a fan had thrown a vape pen at him, narrowly missing the OVO Sound boss. The Canadian superstar, noticeably confused, stopped what he was doing and shamed the fan for the careless act.

“Did you throw a vape up here? Come on,” Drake said. “Who threw this? Who threw the vape? There’s no way you’re taking life seriously if you think I’m gonna pick this vape up and vape with you at the f###ng Barclays Center. You got some real life evaluating to do throwing this f###ng lemon mint vape up here, thinking I’m about to vape with you at the Barclays.”

The Barclays Center later shared a clip of the incident to its Instagram account and reminded concert attendees, “You cannot vape at Barclays Center.”

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Drake was hit in the arm by a cell phone on the opening night of his It’s All A Blur Tour with 21 Savage in Chicago earlier this month. It’s a disturbing trend that continues to mare the concert-going experience, especially for the artist.

In perhaps one of the most extreme examples, pop singer Bebe Rexha was actually hit in the face with a cell phone as she was performing at The Rooftop at Pier 17 in New York City this month. The injury was so severe, Rexha was hauled off to the hospital for stitches. Nicolas Malvagna was later accused of throwing the phone. He was arrested at the venue and charged with assault for using his cell phone as a weapon.

A few days after the incident, Rexha posted an Instagram photo of her face to show fans she was OK. The caption read, “I’m good,” a nod to her latest hit.

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