Drake & Stake.com donate $1 Million Bitcoin to the LeBron James Family Foundation


The LeBron James Family Foundation has received a $1 million Bitcoin donation from Drake and Stake.com.

When the basketball star came visited Toronto with the LA Lakers, the multi-platinum award-winning artist hosted James at upscale Toronto restaurant Harbour 60 to personally pledge his earnings.

Drake’s greatest Stake.com gift to date comes on the heels of his ‘biggest ever hit’ on the premium global crypto betting platform’s roulette tables, thanks to a winning wager on black 11, which he documented in an Instagram video post.

“Speaking of memorable nights, I had an incredible night last night playing roulette on Stake.com. It was my biggest hit ever,” Drake said. “As you can see, I was clearly excited. Any time I get blessed like that, I always think it’s luck that needs to be transferred, or it’s good karma that needs to be transferred. “I play for fun and I play in the hope that I can spread love, always.”

Speaking to James in a private dining room, Drake said: “I’ve been trying to figure out what we can do to help you. Myself and Eddie from Stake.com are going to dedicate $1m to the I Promise School and I’m going to come and drop it off myself before the school year is over.”

Mabel, the mother of Michael, a high school basketball player at Royal Crown Academy in Toronto, was also given $100,000 by Drake in an effort to help the family and offer the highly-rated youngster the best chance of success. Drake and Stake.com’s $1 million Bitcoin donation to the LeBron James Foundation is the betting platform’s most recent philanthropic move, following their $1 million Bitcoin donation to the people of Ukraine.