Drake Super Fan Buys Billboard Ad To Invite Rapper To Her Sweet 16 Party


When superfan Miya Garcia invited her favorite rapper Drake to her Sweet 16, she didn’t send him a standard invite. Instead, she and her mother rented a billboard on Interstate 10 and Akron Street in Houston, TX.

Garcia, who is 15 years old now, hopes that the grand gesture will get Champagne Papi’s attention and that he will take time, now that his “All A Blur” tour is a over, to kick it with her and teenage friends.

Her goal? It is to get just “one dance” from the “Hotline Bling” chart-topper.

“I love his music. I love his style. He’s really inspiring,” Garcia said before explaining to FOX 26 that she asked her mom to help her devise a plan to get the Canadian heartthrob to her shindig.

“I said, ‘I want Drake to come to my party,’” and her mother put the plan into action.

The billboard, which is already up, reads, “Drake you’re invited to my Sweet Sixteen- Your biggest fan, Miya.”

“I was just trying to think of something that would just get his attention,” Garcia said in an interview with KVUE. While she is unsure if Drake is aware of the Billboard, Garcia says it has caught the attention of people nationwide.

The young lady says if Drake popped out at her birthday party, it “would be a day to remember forever.”

Her dream might not be that far-fetched since Houston is Drake’s home now. The Billboard historymaker has recently purchased a home in the city.

Plus, Garcia is clinging to hope, inspired by the artist’s music as she sits and waits for his call.

“He always like says never give up,” the teen reasoned, which seems reason enough for Garcia to keep dreaming of Drake being her guest.