Drake Won’t Get Married Because He’s Not “Amish”


Drake explained why he is reluctant to get married.


During an appearance on “The Really Good Podcast with Bobbi Althoff,” the rapper explained that he isn’t in a hurry to walk down the aisle because he can’t offer a partner consistency due to his lifestyle

“I don’t know. It seems like a thing of, like, ancient times or something,” Drake said when asked why he’s never been married.

“I think I will eventually… I don’t know, I don’t think I can offer somebody what they’d be looking for. Just consistency. I think my life, my work is my priority.”

The 36-year-old pushed back against Bobbi’s joke that he just wanted to “sleep around” and insisted his decision was down to consistency and not being able to adequately “contribute” to a relationship.

“I don’t wanna get married ’cause like, I just don’t wanna disappoint someone, and I’m not like, Amish,” he added.

Elsewhere in the conversation, the “God’s Plan” hitmaker told Bobbi that his ideal partner would have a good sense of humor, be into cosplay, and be “an individual.”

“I like somebody that’s, like, their own,” he elaborated. “They’re not just not like a carbon copy, like a person that I’ve seen a bunch of times throughout my existence. I like somebody with like a sense of humor, you know?”

Drake also noted that he probably wouldn’t settle down with another celebrity, adding, “Famous people really aren’t that… aren’t that anything. They’re not that intriguing.”