Driver of Nicki Minaj’s Father Hit-and-Run Fatality Receives Sentence


The driver who killed Nicki Minaj’s father in a hit-and-run has been sentenced. 72-year-old Charles Polevich of Mineola was sentenced to only one year behind bars. 

 He pleaded guilty of hitting and killing 64-year-old Robert Maraj with his vehicle as he was walking in Mineola last year.  Polevich had faced up-to-eleven-years behind bars, and will now also have to pay a five-thousand-dollar fine.  The judge also ordered his driver’s license to be suspended for 6 months. 

Nicki’s mom, Carol Maraj, said in court that Polevich had left her husband “like a dog on the street” and that sparing him a longer jail sentence was a “slap in the face for the family,” according to Newsday.

After her father’s death, Nicki Minaj wrote on her website, “I can say it has been the most devastating loss of my life.” Mrs. Maraj plans to sue Polevich for the fatal incident. 

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