Edel MJ Speaks Out About New Release ‘Three Hearts’


We had the chance to chat with California-based Reggaeton artist Edel MJ who is dropping his debut track, “Three Hearts,” today on all streaming services. 

Hi Edel, how are you? How have you been spending your time during this pandemic? 

Well, taking advantage of the lockdown to create new music.

First of all, congratulations on your new song “Three Hearts,” we loved it. Could you tell us more about the inspiration behind it?

 The song “Three Hearts” was created by an experience that I went through in my life. It was an experience that made me decide to make a song out of it so that I would never forget that moment of my life. 

How would you describe your musical style? Where do you find your inspiration and motivation to create?

My style of music is reggaeton. From a very young age, I loved it. I find my motivation in the experiences that I have had, or in expressing something that I feel. It is a way of being able to be able to vent and express my thoughts.  

Who are the artists that you look up to, past and present?

My all time favourite artist from the past is Arcangel and the artist that I like today is Eladio Carrion.

Any upcoming projects for 2021 you would like to share with us?

My purpose for 2021 would be to exceed my goals and set new goals, as well as create a lot of new music and be able to fulfill my purposes this year.

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