Edo. G & Insight Innovates – “It Takes Progress” (Video)

213D0A2D-7B0E-4B57-ACFA-96FAF0B43FC8 Edo. G & Insight Innovates - “It Takes Progress” (Video)

The visuals center on the two Boston rap icons, who got the opportunity to post up at a local museum to bring the words of “It Takes Progress” to life. As Insight explains, the track is about more than simply highlighting societal issues; it’s about inspiring the change necessary to make a difference. And what better way to demonstrate how that’s worked through time than to showcase the cultural artifacts of the past?

It’s the perfect backdrop for “It Takes Progress,” its lyrics, and its phenomenal production, which gave Insight an opportunity to provide a live, fleshed-out sound. And both he and Edo. G are as inspired as ever here with sincere and sharp rhymes. It’s no surprise, then, that each artist points to this track as one of their favorites off their self-titled collaborative debut, due out May 28.

Check out the visuals and go support their album which is available now for pre-order via download, vinyl and CD through Brick Records.


01. Just Listen

02. It’s Edo & Insight

03. Never Too Late to Correct Mistakes

04. Choose Your Path

05. Good in Goodbye

06. One Step At a Time

07. Ceiling

08. Set It off (Long Live Kane)

09. It Takes Progress

10. Unite & Let’s All Get Down

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