EXCLSV INTERVIEW: John “LaRed” Cornett


What’s the thinking behind the “WereGlobalNow” marketing strategy?

The idea behind Global Status and our slogan “WereGlobalNow” was a way to signify there are no limits when you deal with us. The idea is to be globally known and to have global notoriety. The intent when you hear our name or work with us is that we do exactly what our name says; get you “Global Status”! 

Ultimately that’s what any person would want in the entertainment field, and if you don’t, I do not know why you’re doing it. The bigger the market and expansion, the bigger your brand and revenue, if you plan it correctly. 

So you just launched. Have you signed any artists yet? If yes, how many?

Yes. We have one signed artist officially. We want to be able to focus, invest, and give our best efforts in who we have signed. Before we move to the next. We do have a few other artists we are working close with, that we are considering signing. However, we are really selective in who we try to sign. We want authentic artists with a story, who need to have a vision, be passionate, and have a drive. We look for individuals who are hungry and determined at all cost to be great and most of all, who are coach-able. 

What do you say to people who think you are entering an oversaturated market?

•That there is no such thing as an oversaturated market. There are way too many people in this world. Not only that, but the world is always evolving, the old die out and the new comes in. Most of all, you just need to know how to hustle. If you know how to grind, strategically plan, and work the market, you can thrive in any market. Presenting your products the right way. That’s all it is. 

Are you dropping solo projects or singles or haven’t decided yet?

We plan to drop a one or two track single initially. Then follow it up with a Solo project. However, nothing is set in stone or officially decided as of yet.

What are some producers who have worked on new music your label is ready to drop?

A few of the producers so far include ChaseRanItUp out of Memphis, TN; KingMatiC out of Los Angeles, CA; USOO out of Long Branch, NJ.

We have a few others we are talking to, trying to coordinate some potential works. 

You have content. You put this out, because why sit on it, right?

We actually have not been putting any content out as of yet. Our main objective was getting everything together and having a game plan before we start pushing content. There has to be some strategy and goal behind what you are doing if you plan to be successful. 

Can you talk about all your artists being on a level playing field? Or you have emerging/ new acts as well.

Most of the artists we pursue are all on a level playing field there may be a slight variances from artist to artist but it is slight. We try to find the undiscovered talents that have slid under the radar. My greatest reward is helping undiscovered talent find their voice and changing their lives. My job is to put my best foot forward to bring the most success to an artist. They may not realize how great they are or what they possess, but I do and I have to bring it out of them.

What cities are you trying to make the most noise in the beginning?

Our target cities are Atlanta, Los Angeles, Bay Area, Chicago, Dallas, and Houston. 

When you’re doing this fourth quarter kickoff, what do you care about most?

Our main goal is notoriety and growth. Getting our name out there to the streets and ultimately the world so our artists have a platform to grow their fan base. This way we can capitalize off of the momentum coming into the new year. 

How do you plan on winning or dominating the conversation?

Just feeding the streets as much as possible not with just music, but in as many ways as possible. We want to be able to touch/help communities really make a difference and connect with the people. There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and it’s time for progress in the right direction. You won’t be able to look any direction without seeing our name, our brand, or our artist. Our time & movement is Now! When we speak, we will be heard.