EXCLSV Interview With Creator Extraordinaire Just.InTime


Hi Just.InTime!

Tell us more about your two new powerful singles “Choices” and “Prodigal”? Why did you decide to release them simultaneously?

Primarily the decision to continue releasing the 2 for 1’s stems from that I have gathered so much material already and how the demand of keeping up with releases can’t be compared to how much music gets downloaded into me that I am writing and recording at a higher pace then I can release. 

Choices is specific to its title. When I listen to the playback. I noticed the premise of the subject is exactly along the lines of the title. Choices are something we all have the free will of making. Which also speaks about how being that fact we are to not use that fact loosely. What to decide is very important and people need to take their time because one decision will change everything.

Prodigal; to me and while I was playing back the instrument I knew would be emotional. It’s a different sound for me in my delivery. Almost as if  I’m pleading. There’s so much in that Masterpiece that I urge people to not just listen to Prodigal once. Dropping these too at the same time I wanted to signify that ultimately the story of who I am continues and has only begun.

We have noticed your unique blend of Hip-Hop and Pop in most of your releases. What initially inspired you to merge these genres?

Hip hop / Rap, Pop I see I get labeled being in the same genre as I’ve read. I’m not against that at all, I’m just happy people are listening.

My subject depends on who I am and who I serve. What God is doing for me and has always done from the beginning and will always do. I want everyone to know that I serve the Lord God King Jesus Christ as His Righteous Invasion Of Truth. And want to urge listeners to try seeing past me and notice more who God really is. Regardless of the category I am placed in, I’m just happy that people are listening, giving themselves the opportunity for this new sound wave tsunami. They are all in for many treats for sticking with me.

How did you get started? At what age did you begin creating music?

I got started seriously about 4 months ago. While I was in my hospital suite attached to so many cords and wires wired to many different emergency hospital attachments to make sure I was and would remain breathing.

My body is late to what the Spirit knows so my brain just told me to write as much as I could possibly write. In case I didn’t make it. My first recording was done in my suite on my high tech hospital bed recording on a broken phone that I needed duck tape to hold in my battery while using the free quests Wi-Fi. So many people working to keep up with my aid I had to squeeze in the time perfectly when I had my privacy.

This all began about 4 months ago when I knew what God assigned to me in doing for Him for the rest of my life.

Who are your top 3 favorite artists of all time?

I don’t have a top three. I only have a 1. And that’s Ye’. I pray he’s gotten wind of who I am through the same God I serve and feels compelled to reach out so that we can continue causing and being RIOT’s together in the name of the Lord. I’ve been a fan of Ye’ from the moment when I was 18 years old working a seasonal job over the winter at a Nordstrom’s during one winter when a co/worker introduced the old Kanye West to me. But today who Ye’ is and what he represents we are a perfect match. Even being the fact of his story behind the making of “the wire”. We both went through a serious life accident that propelled our flight of the happenings of who and where we are today. I look at it as our being grounded and hospitalized as God grabbing our attention pulling us back into His slingshot.

What is one experience in life that, without it, you wouldn’t be the artist you are today?

If I had never been homeless I would never have given God the attention He deserves. I got to lean on Him during this time and could count on Him always to come through at perfect timing every time something was necessary. And of course being shot in the face. Yes, a little over 5 months ago. Because my faith strengthened. It’s hard to believe or even see it today. But imagine looking at my face with my right side looking like some horror movie and me with a missing eye. The side was just disgusting. And scared even the ones working on my face while I was out. There were no more eyeballs left. No eyebrow and my cheek was peeled back and you could look into my head if not already see the insides out. And before I went out for three days I fell out saying to myself what I was seeing was a lie! So when I went to my Spirit place and on my Heavenly tour I faded out high on faith and determination positively. I woke up still on this high, even higher because I was with the HolySpirit before I went back into my body. I literally was to an outsider looking in, came back aggressively positive and seriously determined my injury was a lie! And voilà God showed up! And has healed me completely. I was supposed to undergo a very intricate rare eye surgery specialize for an individual specifically that probably hardly ever had to actually ever be called for this type of surgery. Nope God had already healed me! I remembered before re entering my body I hovered over the chaos of what all was happening to get things under control in my emergency. Two nurses said, “ how do we tell him if he comes back that he’s lost his eye. That he’d have to either choose from a glass eye acrylic or wear a patch for the rest of my life” because I’d never see that eye again. I woke up calling everyone in the room liars haha. Respectfully.

What do you hope to accomplish this year?

This year. I’d like to meet Ye’. I’d like to partner with Ye’. Working under his guidance. Have him as my big brother mentor. Then I’d like to do mission work together in performing at as many venues as we can possibly physically perform. I’d like to share my testimony on a larger level so that God may have the glory He deserves in all that He’s doing. I’d like to be invited physically and during conversations that reach the masses. Because the Lord desires for this message to be heard. It’s a time in life where this message is pertinent. God won’t have it any other way, so I am already thankful for the path He’s placed ahead of me as I am blessed being the vessel to be on this journey with Him. Please people don’t allow life to weigh you down. I serve the One True God of miracles. If it doesn’t seem impossible then God doesn’t want anything to do with it. He wants to give you His shining light! He will share His number one spot with us all. He loves us dearly. I urge everyone to invite King Jesus in your lives as your God and Savior. He will gladly fight your battles. And wants to give us beyond our comprehension of what our hearts desire. Stop future trippin and trying to figure things out that your mind can create at your truth. And just focus on Him because He not only deserved it. But will blow your mind away by His loving grace.

Thank you!