EXCLSV PREMIERE: CG Naughty Drops Magnificent Joint Denouncing Police Brutality Titled “Look Into My Eyes”


American emerging Hip-Hop artist CG Naughty is dropping new sounds. His latest, a magnificent joint titled “Look Into My Eyes” is the ultimate track, combining meaning with surgically precise deliveries. Not only is the rising rapper talented; he is also fully engaged in current world events, especially those related to police brutality that triggered the BLM movement. His poetry is sharp and his melodic vision on point. Both blend together with a near-perfect synchronicity. His deviation for his art and passion for music emanate from each verse, while he displays his savvy mixture of classic Hip-Hop and trap on the infectious “Look Into My Eyes.” 

The song’s intro starts off with stellar female vocals that set the ideal contrast to the rapper’s flow. His experience as a Black man is what he deeply shares, and millions will relate to his story. The overall feel of the track embraces the iconic 90’s urban vibes blended with modern day rap. 

An inspiring artist, CG Naughty is building a solid momentum with the release of “Look Into My Eyes,” channeling powerful music and words into one mindblowing track. 

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