EXCLUSIVE: DJ Envy’s Former Business Partner Cesar Pina Issued Arrest Ultimatum


DJ Envy‘s former business partner, Cesar Pina, has been issued an ultimatum by the court. The embattled entrepreneur has less than a week to produce the requested paperwork to move forward in the case. If he fails, he’ll be taken into custody. According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, the court issued the order to both Pina and his wife, Jennifer Iturralde Pina, on Wednesday (January 24).

“Cesar Pina and Jennifer Iturralde Pina are hereby found to be held in contempt of this Court’s Order granting the Motion directing Cesar Pina, Jennifer Iturralde Pina and Raashaun Casey to produce copies of all documents requested on Schedule A, B and C of the Subpoenas (ECF 57) (collectively, the ‘subpoenas’),” the docs read. “Cesar Pina and Jennifer Iturralde Pina shall have seven (7) days from entry of this Order to produce documents requested in the Subpoenas to the Chapter 11 Trustee.

“Should Cesar Pina and Jennifer Iturralde Pina fail to produce documents to the Chapter 11 trustee in the time period outlined in paragraph 2, counsel for the Chapter 11 Trustee shall submit an Order for Arrest to this Court to advise the United States Marshall to arrest Cesar Pina and Jennifer Iturralde Pina. This Court shall retain exclusive jurisdiction to hear and decide any and all disputes related to or arising from the implementation, interpretation, or enforcement of this Order.”

DJ Envy was issued a subpoena last month to testify in the case against his former business partner, Cesar Pina. The Breakfast Club co-host’s attorney, Daniel Marchese Esq., has confirmed his client will willingly tell his side of the story in front of a judge. As Marchese writes in the court docs, “We are aware that on December 20, 2023, the Court issued an Order compelling the production of documents demanded in those subpoenas. At this time, I am happy to report that on Friday, January 5, 2024, we forwarded our responses and document production to counsel for the Trustee in these aforementioned cases.

“Given the professional back-and-forth between counsel and I since then, it would appear that indeed the responses and the production were acknowledged and received by the Trustee. With this writing, I therefore confirm my client’s compliance with Your Honor’s Order. As I offered to Trustee’s counsel, I will likewise offer to the Court that should sworn testimony (in any form) be needed to affirm my client’s responses and production, he would readily oblige.”

Federal authorities arrested Pina and charged him with defrauding dozens of real estate investors late last year. Pina defended Envy in October 2023 not long after his arrest, saying he  had nothing to do with the alleged real estate scam and is only being targeted because he’s the more famous of the two.

“DJ Envy was never in the room with me,” Pina told his Instagram followers. “DJ Envy has nothing to do with any of these 20 lawsuits of these people who are suing me. It f###### sucks, bro.”