Exclusive Interview With Yung Rida


Q: What made you want to become a musician?

A: Watching my brother and his friends make music is what developed my interest in music. I later found it as a way to express myself and deal with my problems. I grew up a lonely kid. Even with many friends around I just always felt like a loner. So, music became pretty much my way to vent.

Q: What are some accomplishments that you are proud of?

A: Transitioning from my old lifestyle into a more corporate way of living was a major accomplishment for me. Coming from where I come from most of us don’t get to change and actually follow our dreams.

Q: What’s your artist name and your life history?

A: My artist name is “Yung Rida”. I was born and raised off of E.105th street on Somerset Ave. in Cleveland Ohio. My neighborhood was heavily influenced by gang life and hustling so at an early age like most young men from the ghetto I took to the life. Adapted and did what I had to to survive in the conditions we lived under and the code we lived by coming from my area. Those same codes disciplined me and made me militant minded also. I grew up in and out of trouble. As you can hear in my music, I felt with a lot of traumas from losing my daughter and a son to losing my brother and my best friend. Also was shot due to my lifestyle and choices I made due to the life I lived which I never glorify but it’s my story and I am proud to still b here today to b a testimony for others and make them see they can change to. You ain’t gotta stay in it. You just got to find your lane and stick to it.

Q: What strengths do you have that you believe makes you a great musician?

A: I can create off of anything and on the spot. It’s a small percentage of artist who can do that on the spot. Some have to take the beat home and work on it for days before they come up with something. Not to take away from their creative process but me it comes a little differently. I can do both and I also don’t write everything I do. I may later after listening to it for other reasons but far as creating I don’t really write. The beat kind of tell me me what to do with it. I just speak my trauma in melody.

Q: What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

A: Music makes me feel passionate because music is a way of expressing myself and facing my trauma. Dealing with my pain in a therapeutic way actually helps me control my temper and music allows me to do that. Growing up we didn’t talk about our issues with ppl. We kept things in house. So music helped me to let some of that pain out.

Q: What is it that makes you different from other artists?

A: My story is my story and only I can tell it.
My sound is literally my mood at the moment so I will never sound the same on any record. I’m very versatile. A log off ppl don’t know but I actually write country and pop songs.

Q: What are some unknown interesting facts about you?

A: A lot of ppl don’t know but sketching was my 1st passion before I started music. I would sketch anything. My art teacher in school use to have me sit with her during lunch to work on my shading and how I brought things to life on paper. She didn’t understand how I was so young and understood shading so well but my other big brother kev showed me how to sketch as a kid so me and my brother LC who’s only a few yrs older than me used to have sketch contest drawing all of the Loony Toons and doing still life sketches. Another thing people don’t know about me is my Uncle Jim showed me how to do brick laying and tucking and many other skills when it comes to doing houses like demolition work and other things.

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