EXCLUSIVE: Nicki Minaj’s Husband’s Past Could Haunt Him As Rape Accuser Submits Shocking Evidence In Lawsuit


Jennifer Hough is seeking to amend her complaint against Kenneth Petty, husband of rap superstar Nicki Minaj, in an ongoing legal battle centered around a rape incident in 1994.

Hough alleges that Petty, who had previously pleaded guilty to attempted rape in the case, violated his plea deal’s terms for allegedly intimidating or harassing her.

Hough claims she has been living in constant fear due to intimidation, harassment, and threats from Petty and his associates after she refused a cash offer to recant her claims so he could be removed from the National Sex Offender Registry.

Hough’s move to amend her complaint and introduce new evidence aims to strengthen her case against Petty, asserting that the proof provided by the Queens District Attorney’s Office from the incident in 1994 only supports her claims.

After reviewing long-awaited records from the incident, Hough aims to bolster her case by adding a cause of action for attempted rape and according to court documents obtained by AllHipHop.

When someone files a lawsuit, they typically include one or more causes of action in their complaint, the initial legal document that starts the case. Each cause of action outlines the specific elements that must be proven to establish the defendant’s liability and the plaintiff’s right to a legal remedy, such as monetary damages.

The evidence submitted by Hough includes chilling exhibits such as photographs of the knife used during the incident, images of the room where she alleges the assault occurred, bruises on her side, and pictures of her neck where she claims Petty choked her.

Additionally, the evidence includes legal documents related to Petty’s arrest and plea and social media posts allegedly tied to Petty and his associates.

While Nicki Minaj has been dismissed from the lawsuit, the legal battle between Hough and Petty continues as the court reviews the shocking old evidence.