Fat Joe Thinks Ego Was Behind New York Hip Hop’s Demise


Fat Joe has a theory about what led to New York City Hip Hop no longer being on the throne, and he believes ego had a lot to do with it.

Joey Crack hopped on Instagram earlier this week to explain that he thinks Atlanta watched how the NYC Hip Hop scene was moving in the 2000s and learned not to make the same mistakes by being much more collaborative.

“New York Hip Hop was destroyed single-handedly by ego,” Joe declared. “The South saw how we fucked it up, meaning Atlanta, and they cliqued up and said, ‘We not gonna make that mistake.’ We got Roc-A-Fella, we got Ruff Ryders, we got Terror Squad, we got G-Unit, we got Dipset.”

Joe cited things like different rappers claiming they were the King of New York, which made people feel a certain type of way and resulted in relationships being damaged, and that led to lucrative opportunities being missed out on.

“As soon as muthafuckas started getting hot and started getting a different type of money,” he continued. “They started feeling like they that person, they that guy. It’s so many Kings of New York. Even me — every week someone said they the king.

“That’s all ego. It fucks up your ability to work with each other, to get money with each other, to embrace each other, to come up.”

Speaking of one of those gritty NYC rivalries, Fat Joe and 50 Cent are renewing their feud with a friendly basketball game during the G-Unit head honcho’s annual Houston Tycoon Weekend this summer. The two heavyweight rap veterans will face off as coaches at the All-Star Celebrity Basketball game on August 27.