Fat Joe Wants Drake’s Forgiveness For Rejecting Him On “All The Way Up” Remix 


Fat Joe is asking Drake to forgive him for not putting him on the “All The Way Up” remix, despite Drizzy practically begging to be on the track. 

In a preview clip from the latest episode of the Rap Radar podcast, the NYC icon recalled Drizzy contacting him to be the remix and explained why he turned him down. 

“Drake FaceTimed me three times trying to get on ‘All The Way Up,’” Fat Joe revealed. “Three times. Middle of the night. ‘Send me the instrumental, send me the instrumental, send me the instrumental.’ I wish I would’ve got Drake on there, right? But the fact of all the history of me and Jay-Z, I was like ‘It gotta be just me and Jay-Z.’” 

He continued, “Anybody who truly understands, this is the moment. It ain’t just gon’ be a posse cut.” However, it appears Drake did not understand and never asked him to be on a song again.  

“And this the last time Drake ever asked me to do a song,” he added. “But… nah, man! Drake gotta forgive me. I’m like ‘Damn, man, please!’” 

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Drake Trolls Fat Joe With A Pair Of Socks

Despite the “All The Way Up” snub, Drake and Fat Joe maintain a friendly relationship. Drizzy recently gifted The Terror Squad leader an early birthday present.  

“You can’t make this s### up,” Joe said in the video as he opened the box. “Congratulations Fat Joe, it’s your birthday. You’ve got a present from Stake. Stake, a.k.a. my brother Drake’s company.” 

However, Joe was in for a surprise when he opened the box. “Fat Joe socks. Yo, this is the most disrespectful s### I’ve ever seen in my life,” he remarked. “G#######, be careful what you wish for. Thank you. It’s the thought that counts.” 

The joke gift was in response to Fat Joe joking that he was “jealous” of the free perks Drake is gifted while he can’t even get a “f###### pack of socks” for free. 

“Let me tell you why I might be jealous of Drake,” Joe said on Instagram Live. “I’ve never seen a guy people love more. 

He then said that Drake was gifted his $185 million “Air Drake” jet, as well as the rare $1 million 2Pac ring recently sold at auction.  

“Bro, they won’t give me a f###### pack of socks! They won’t give me a croissant,” he declared.