FBI Arrests Quando Rondo On Federal Drug Charges As Legal Problems Mount


Quando Rondo has more legal issues to deal with after he was arrested early Saturday morning (December 9) on federal drug charges, as confirmed by the FBI.

The Chatham County Detention Center’s booking records reveal that Quando Rondo, is now facing a federal custody hold.

The arrest adds to a history of legal issues for the rapper, including a previous indictment for drug and gang-related charges.

In June, Quando Rondo was one of 19 individuals charged in a multi-page indictment out of Chatham County, Georgia, facing 49 counts of drug charges, gang affiliation, and illegal use of cell phones.

The indictment claimed that Quando Rondo directed the Rollin’ 60s gang in Georgia and engaged in drug deals dating back to October 2022 in violation of Georgia’s Controlled Substances Act.

He and his co-conspirators were allegedly involved in trafficking substances such as cocaine, fentanyl, hydrocodone, and M30 pills and even used jail phones to orchestrate drug deals.

He was also accused of violating the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act as a manager of the Rollin’ 60’s.

Quando Rondo’s alleged behavior was so despicable that the Chatham County DA asked the rapper to be banned from performing in the county and in Savannah, until his trial was completed.

Quando Rondo was free on a $100,000 bond until his arrest today.

The rapper was almost sent back to jail in July after he was involved in a car accident.

He had supposedly overdosed on Benzodiazepines and had to be revived using Narcan.

A judge allowed him to remain free, but it was all for nothing. He is currently being housed at the Chatham County Jail with no bond.