Florida Rapper Claims Self-Defense In Shooting Of Manager As Shocking Video Emerges


Florida rapper Key Vhani claimed she killed her manager in self-defense following an October altercation with him and another man in Miami. NBC Miami obtained disturbing footage, which showed the 27-year-old woman shooting her manager moments before she was hit by a car driven by the other man involved in the deadly incident.

Police arrested Key Vhani, whose real name is Kevhani Hicks, for second-degree murder in October. She was released on bond and issued a statement about her case on Monday (November 20).

“I’m finally home after experiencing something so traumatic and life-changing,” she wrote on Instagram. “I have three broken ribs and bruises all over so I’m currently healing and getting rest. I just want to personally thank everyone who supports me and knows that I’m not the horrible person some are claiming that I am. I can’t comment on the case at all, but I pray you all continue to stand by me and support me through this tragic time. I love you all to the moon and back!”

Hicks, who was hospitalized for injuries suffered in the altercation, told police she feared for her life after an argument with her manager turned into a physical confrontation. Her public defender said it was a “clear case of self-defense.” Her manager was shot multiple times and died at a local hospital.

A Florida judge set Hicks’ bond at $50,000. She will remain on house arrest as she awaits trial.