Fredo Bang Bashes Cardi B, Rubi Rose & More For Lack Of Explicit OnlyFans Content


Fredo Bang complained about celebrities not posting sexually explicit content on their OnlyFans pages in an interview with Bootleg Kev. The Def Jam rapper mentioned Cardi B, Rubi Rose, Erica Banks, Alexis Skyy and more as content creators who disappointed him.

“I checked,” Fredo Bang said. “I subscribed to Cardi’s, I subscribed to Rubi Rose’s … I just subscribe to all these m############ … I ain’t gonna lie, the celebrities, they trash. They OnlyFans is trash. It’s horrible … If you on OnlyFans, pop it off, bruh. Don’t come to play.”

Fredo’s beef extended to non-famous OnlyFans creators. The Baton Rouge native demanded to see nudity and much more if he subscribed to someone’s account or paid for a video.

“I’m hating on the OnlyFans catfishes and some of the celebrities that doing it,” he said. “If you doing OnlyFans and I subscribe to your OnlyFans, I am coming to see you fully, full-blown bare with a little bit of play and sexual engagement. If you’re not doing that, you need to get off of OnlyFans. I don’t want to see you in your drawers and when I click the picture—you got the thumbnail of you waving, pulling your drawers down but when I go to the picture, it’s just you talking to me.”

Fredo did not reveal how much money he spends on OnlyFans but noted he “supports our women.” Bootleg Kev joked about Fredo having an OnlyFans addiction during their discussion.

“I ain’t gonna lie – I be on Adderall, I be tripping,” Fredo said. “‘Cause you know you be focused. [I’ll be on OnlyFans] about two, three hours then you get DMing everybody you used to mess with. Soon as you finish, you like, ‘Damn, why’d I text her?’”

Fredo’s new album Yes, I’m Sad drops on Friday (January 19).