Fredo Bang Reflects On 2nd Grade Teacher Taking His Pokemon Cards: ‘Fuck You Ms. Cox’


Fredo Bang is an avid collector of anime and superhero collectibles, as he’s shown on social media various times. His passion for anime and cartoons started when he was just a child, and like most kids in America, the rapper had one of his early Pokémon collections taken away from him in school when he was younger. Now, he has the last laugh.

Over the weekend, Fredo Bang took a trip to SuperCon, the annual comic book convention in Florida, and got his hands on a collection of precious Pokémon cards. The rapper showed them off and wasted no time calling out the teacher who took away his first set of cards when he was younger.

“So second grade, my teacher took all my Pokémon cards, and I just want to say fuck you, Ms. Cox. You can’t take these,” Fredo said as he showed the cards in their protective casing.


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Fredo Bang also went home with some comic books and action figures of DragonBall Z, My Hero Academia, Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk and more. The rapper took to his Instagram Story to show off the new additions to his growing collection.

When he’s not diving deep into anime or comic books, Fredo Bang is offering commentary on certain topics like the debate between Drake’s Take Care and Views. During a visit to Power 105.1’s On The Radar in April, Fredo claimed Views was the better project.

“So if we judging it we judging it on music alone,” Fredo said. “Which means bars, cadence, melody, production that’s what we judging it on. Now, Take Care don’t get me wrong had a lot of his biggest hits on there stuff like that, but can you name me every song?”

He added, “Views he got the ‘Controlla’ he got these different energies, he got way more different energies. Take Care he had some songs that I never even played. You ain’t play every song on Take Care…I feel like it’s Views. I’m sorry.”