Gay Man Accuses DaBaby Of Removing Him From Music Video


Uh-Oh! It looks like DaBaby stands accused – once again – of being homophobic. Now, you may remember a couple years ago he made some ill-advised statements that were taken as anti-gay. He steadfastly maintained that he was NOT doing that which he was accused of. Nevertheless, he has not been the same since that 2021 debacle. Most people believe he does not care much for gay folks. This stuff won’t help that notion.

More recently, somebody accused him of something sinister! So, there’s a new video by DaBaby and it is pretty good. But the sinister part is coming after the video. Check that out here:

Welp! This is a Cash Money remake!

So an ex-adult performer(pōrn star) known as Mustang recently took to social media to level accusations against DaBaby. Mustang alleges that he was involved in one of DaBaby’s recent music video shoots for “Ghetto Girls,” but was later removed from the production. Musty said the internet dropped a dime on him regarding his sexual orientation as a gay man and an adult film star.

“They definitely cut me from the whole video because ppl couldn’t congratulate me or applaud but had to bring attention to my sexuality which had nothing to do with the video or my performance,” he wrote on Instagram. “So to all the ppl who went out they way to expose a part of my life that didn’t have nothing to do with this project thank yall for getting me cancelled.” Some folks said his sex life was online and he said it wasn’t. At the end of the day, that shouldn’t impact his life, but…if you were in films, it should not surprise him they found out.

Here is the whole statement:

I am thinking he was cut, but we’ll likely find out more info as time goes on.