Geechi Gotti Recalls What Led Up To Battle Against Remy Ma & Eazy The Block Captain


Geechi Gotti is battle rap’s real “Algorithm Boul”—despite what others say. He proved that with his lightning round against Eazy the Block Captain at the “I Do What I Want” event on Saturday (September 16) in Philadelphia. The Compton native said he was dressed in his traditional Cali garb: navy blue Dickies, a matching shiesty and some blue and gray Gucci sneaks.

“I kept it hood and classy,” he said on his recent “Eazy Come Eazy Go” episode of his No Studio’n podcast.

Geechi Gotti also talked about what happens when he gets to the venue. First, he tells a hilarious story about parking around the spot and having to pay a local to keep an eye on his car.

“We walk to the stage—ask anybody that’s in the building—I’ve been on stage like 15 minutes,” he said. “‘m just waiting. I’m like, ‘Man where the f##k are they at?’”

He says he gets mic’d up but couldn’t locate Remy Ma or Eazy. He said he was waiting 15-30 minutes before they came in.

“We sitting there. We waiting. We waiting. Next thing you know …  man this that’s how … I seen it …  like this …  why I felt the fix was in.  Man, it was like the lights went out. There’s like a spotlight,” he vividly described. “I see like aura sprinkles … all kinds of s##t.”

He continued, “Then you hear like, ‘I’m conceited, I got a reason,’” he sings, imitating Remy’s 2006 hit song “Conceited (There’s Something About Remy).”

“Her and Eazy come in doing the bop,” he recalled. “They come in like this (doing the Diddy Bop dance).” Then they started doing the “Lean Back.”

“I’m like ‘What the f##k,’” Gotti said as his co-hosts crack up at his colorful recollection of the night.

He laughed as he tells the story, saying, “All this is happening. Lights, camera, action—they both hitting their moves at the same time. Their entourage behind them doing like this (he waves his hands, still bopping). They got choreographed moves and s##t.”

The Riot owner said he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. According to the West Coast rapper, by the time Remy and Eazy got to the stage, everything seemed normal and it was as if he was the only one that saw the event transpire like that—and he probably was.

“When the lights went out, all the people in the building couldn’t see this. Only me,” he explained. “I was the only one that could see this. It was like they blinded everyone so that I am the only one that could see. When the lights come on, they are on stage normal.”

While Gotti’s recollection might be a lot of hype, what was true is that his third round has been the talk of the town and introduced him to millions who would’ve never known his name. Outlets like Hot 97, Revolt and MTV have covered his round— with some radio stations playing it in full during their rap programming.

Chrome 23 released the video and within 24 hours, it was viewed by 541,000 people, with almost 10,000 people arguing in the comments on who won— overwhelmingly they gave the battle to Geechie Gotti.