Get to know GA artists Finesse Gang


What’s going on Finesse Gang? Please introduce yourselves.
Prophecy what’s up I’m Prophecy of the Finesse Gang and me and Letheal are the founding members of the Finesse Gang we are a collective from Georgia we also have other business ventures as well thanks for having us

Where are you guys from?
Letheal –Farrar GA & Prophecy Covington ga

Tell us about life growing up in your city.
Growing up in a small country town were everybody knows everybody and street life is the norm

What’s the meaning behind the name Finesse Gang?
We was finessing in the streets and decided to make it a positive and become better men for our children just being smooth and understanding its always a way out !betting on yourself

How and when did Music become a passion?
At a young age, Letheal 14

Any particular artists that’s been an inspiration for you?
Bone Thugs N Harmony, Tupac, Master P, 50 Cent, Three Six Mafia, Outkast, Goodie Mob, Future, Jeezy, UGK, just to name a few

Tell us about your new single featuring Project Pat titled ‘Way Out’
Letheal – it’s a inspirational song about making it out any situation that’s been holding you back overcoming the odds against you with the help of Jesus Christ

Pat is a legend in the business. How did this connection come together?
Prophecy – pat made a post on IG about doing songs with Christian rappers so I reached out to him on instagram

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned about this music business?
Keep a small circle not everyone has your best interest at heart and like 50 Cent say these industry niggas aint friends they know how to pretend lol stay true to yourself and be creative

Do you guys have an album in the works?
We are working on the Prayer gang and Finesse gang album

What does Finesse Gang enjoy the most about being musical artists?
Being creative and making music that relates to our struggles telling our journey

Are there any other business ventures that you’re currently pursuing?
We have our own line of products and clothing We have Finesse Sauce which is a variety of different sauces and bbqs , Finesse drank which is our own line of drinks made from pure sugar cane, we have seasonings under our momma Bettys brand and men and women clothing under our finesse gang and fine ass gang for women

What can we anticipate from you guys for the remainder of the year?
Dropping new music and few live performances

What would you like to say to all of your fans and supporters?
Thanks for the patience and support

Where can we follow you at online?
@FinesseGang4life @ Lethealondatrac on FB and IG

Anybody that you would like to shout out?
First and foremost God our families and the fans and supporters that’s been down with us throughout the years

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