Ginuwine Defends Justin Timberlake In “Blaccent” Controversy Caused By Britney Spears


Ginuwine has claimed he doesn’t recall the Justin Timberlake encounter described in Britney Spears’s memoir.

In her autobiography, “The Woman in Me,” the pop star claimed that her then-boyfriend adopted a “blaccent” when he met the “Pony” hitmaker.

However, when asked about the encounter in an interview with People, Ginuwine insisted he had no recollection of it.

“Yeah, yeah, I definitely heard about it. People were calling about that. But I can tell you I don’t remember that happening. I truly don’t remember that happening,” he stated.

“If Justin would’ve did something like that, I probably would’ve looked at him like, ‘Why are you acting like that?’ If he did that, that would be something that I would remember. That would’ve definitely stuck out. So nah, I don’t remember that happening.”

In the book, which was released in October, Britney claimed that Justin and his NSYNC bandmates “tried too hard” to fit in with Black artists.

“J got all excited and said, so loud, ‘Oh yeah, fo shiz, fo shiz! Ginuwiiiine! What’s up, homie?’” the Toxic singer wrote.

This line went viral on social media thanks to Oscar-nominated actress Michelle Williams’ impression of Justin while narrating the audiobook.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake dated between 1999 and 2002.