Gucci Mane Looking To Country Music For His Next Big Signing


Gucci Mane wants to add a country artist to his record label’s roster. The 43-year-old rapper expressed interest in signing viral sensation Oliver Anthony to 1017 Global Music on Wednesday (August 16).


“Aye fam I need y’all help on this one I’m trying sign these guys as my first country artists to 1017!!!” Gucci Mane wrote on Instagram. “I need the info asap.”

Gucci Mane posted a screenshot of a link to Anthony’s song “Rich Men North of Richmond,” which dropped on August 11. An acoustic performance of the track racked up more than 15 million views on YouTube as of August 16.

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Anthony’s song attracted a conservative audience thanks to many right-wing figures sharing it on their platforms. Anthony claimed he was nonpartisan in a video released on his YouTube channel.

“I sit pretty dead center down the aisle on politics and always have,” Anthony said. “I remember as a kid the conservatives wanting war and me not understanding that. And I remember a lot of the controversies when the left took office, and it seems like both sides serve the same master. And that master is not someone of any good to the people of this country.”

Gucci Mane did not elaborate on why he hoped to sign Anthony as 1017’s first country artist.