Gunna Claps Back At Trolls Who ‘Clown’ His Fashion Sense: ‘You Had Nothing Else To Do’


Gunna is one of the best-dressed rappers in the game today. His outfit selections are always on point, and he never misses a step when it comes to showing off his drip. However, there are some outfits he throws on that have people dragging him through the mud.

On the latest episode of GQ‘s My Style History, Gunna broke down some of his best fits over the years and spoke about all the trolls who clown him for his clothing selections. The one outfit that received the most comments was the one Rihanna imitated for Halloween 2021. Gunna found the comments funny because people really had nothing to do to come up with all those jokes.

“People were kinda like tryna clown me like make jokes about the outfit I had on,” Gunna said. “I be laughing at them too. It be funny like you took the time out of your day to do this. You could’ve did anything else better with your life. You had nothing else to do?”

Gunna continued, “Two months later, RiRi dressing like me, Happy Halloween. And now everybody in the world think this outfit is fire. I guess RiRi had to let ’em know that.”

The DS4Ever rapper explained that he didn’t even think Rihanna was referring to him when she initially took a picture of the shoes they both were wearing. Things got serious when RiRi actually hit Gunna up with a picture of the fit, and that’s when he knew he was truly on one with the drip.

While the fashion sense is kept clean, Gunna is busy putting in work with new music for the coming summer months. Earlier this month, Wunna took to his Instagram Story to tease another new album with a snippet to go along with it.

“Yall n-ggas better drop soon cuz I’m this summer,” Gunna captioned the clip, indicating he has something new coming.