Gunplay’s Estranged Wife Posts Video Of The Blackout Drunk Rapper Destroying Their TV


Gunplay was arrested on charges of domestic violence last month after he allegedly pointed a rifle at his wife, Vonshae Taylor-Morales, while she was holding their infant. On Saturday (September 2), Taylor-Morales shared more evidence of their apparently violent relationship. In the clip, Gunplay repeatedly asks her if she threw out his belongings. When he doesn’t get the answer, he resorts to smashing their television set. The next morning, he admits he doesn’t remember anything and vows to buy a new television. Even so, Taylor-Morales decided to explain her side of the story as she prepares for divorce. She also cops to hitting him with a glass bottle.

“I was trying my hardest to just let his little story slide but I can’t,” she writes. “Yes I hit him with a bottle I did anything possible to make him let go of our daughter and the police knows that. Furthermore my grandmother has been dead for SIX years. Didn’t know I could call the dead. This was back when I found out I was pregnant before we moved to brickell. All of this because I poured out HIS hennessy AFTER he kept buying liquor trippin, (notice in his statement he said it was me with hennessy and he broke the tv over a game once b4).”

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Taylor-Morales then claims Gunplay almost attacked a fan for simply saying they “went to high school” with him. She continues, “She then called the police, that man can go from 1000 to 2 as soon as he sees the police. He did it that afternoon.This BEEN a issue. I thought during my pregnancy since things were better he will be ok. After Osanna came and got sick he went back to all his old ways. I have plenty of recordings of incidents like this and how his aggression, drinking and using progressed over time.”

Like many spouses who are married to addicts/alcoholics, Taylor-Morales blames herself for her perceived “failure” at getting him help. As she concludes, “Now here we are present day all the drama has transpired and he says the very next day on a recorded jail call he don’t remember anything to MULTIPLE people. This is his cycle. At some point enough is enough. Once again I tried my very best to help him and change him and I failed. We all just want to move on and heal from this situation. So let’s stop playing Nancy Drew and judging people. This situation is very serious. Let’s pray for ALL parties involved.”

Gunplay—real name Richard Morales Jr.—was arrested in Miami on August 20. According to a Miami-Dade County inmate search, the rapper was taken into custody on multiple charges, including assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment and child abuse. He stands accused of pointing a rifle at his wife while she was holding their six-month-old child. Gunplay’s bond was set at $20,000.