Halle Bailey And DDG’s Christmas Videos Spark Rumors Singer Gave Birth 


Halle Bailey and DDG’s Christmas videos are going viral, with fans speculating that the singer gave birth to her rumored child.  

The couple enjoyed a loved up Yuletide together and took to social media to share a few memories with their followers. However, internet sleuths honed in on a few details in a couple of the videos, noting that Bailey happily showed off her entire body after months of hiding her stomach with large gowns and oversized bags.  

In one video, Halle Bailey and DDG donned matching Christmas pajamas to bake cookies. At one point in the clip, Bailey rises from her chair to fetch a spatula, bracing herself slowly as she gets up. 

The video was enough to convince some fans that her labored movements and slow walk meant Bailey had given birth. 

Other videos show the pair exchanging lavish presents among family and friends around the tree. Bailey gifted her man a pair of diamond earrings but became overwhelmed after unwrapping his gifts, which included a Tiffany bracelet and Birkin bag.  

Halle Bailey has refused to address the rumors she gave birth, instead expressing gratitude over her role in The Color Purple. She took to Instagram with a carousel of behind-the-scenes images from the movie.  

“I had such a beautiful time on the making of this film and left this set feeling so inspired by the experience, she wrote in the caption. “Let alone getting to write an original song for this film. I’ve learned so much and my heart is filled with such gratitude.. i hope you all enjoy the movie and have a beautiful holiday with the ones you love most !!”