Henny Huncho collaborates with Fuego Base “Hood Bipartisanship” coming soon


Henny Huncho, an artist hailing from Virginia, collaborates with Fuego Base in their latest song titled “Hood Bipartisanship.” Produced by Sincere Noble, this track carries a powerful message aiming to bridge the gap between different backgrounds and inspire young individuals. Henny Huncho’s motivation for creating this song stems from a desire to demonstrate that success can be achieved in the music industry without resorting to illegal activities. By addressing gun violence in their communities, they seek to provide a voice for those who have experienced that reality.

For Henny Huncho, “Hood Bipartisanship” holds a special place in his heart as it allows him to collaborate with some of the best in the hip hop game, including Fuego Base and artists associated with Benny the Butcher. He sees this collaboration as a pivotal moment that sets a new standard in hip hop. The song’s significance is further emphasized by their references to iconic figures such as Biggie and Pac, both of whom tragically fell victim to gun violence. Henny Huncho’s favorite line from his own verse reflects his dedication to uplift his community, while Fuego Base’s line resonates with his personal experiences as a survivor of gun violence.

Fans can look forward to Henny Huncho’s upcoming single with Fuego Base, scheduled for release next Friday. This single will be featured on his highly anticipated mixtape, “Most Unlikely.” For a sneak peek, a snippet of the track is available on Henny Huncho’s Instagram page, @hennyhuncho95. Stay tuned for more exciting music and powerful messages from this talented Virginia artist.

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