Hipster Conspiracy Is The Versatile & Talented Transgender Artist Behind Debut Album Dysphoria


Hipster Conspiracy is the versatile and talented artist behind the release of  Dysphoria, a therapeutic album that she first tested on herself. As a transgender woman, she had to overcome many obstacles before finding a way to heal in a healthy way. Prior to that, she abused various substances and went through mental distress. 

Music saved her, and she wants to share the process with the public, while setting a fantastic example for all those who feel left out, isolated, or misunderstood in society. Dysphoria is powerful and poetry-fueled, be it instrumentally or lyrically. 

As a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer, Hipster Conspiracy is able to make sure that every step of the process happens the way she wants it, and this deeply personal touch is what makes this record so great, without forgetting to mention the transportative soundscapes and lyrics she has imagined, with each song fulfilling an essential part of the whole.