How Two Comedians Convinced Megan Thee Stallion To Join A24’s Wildest Film So Far


To kick things off, I really need to know how you guys got this film greenlit. 

Josh Sharp: Well, we said it’s a four-quadrant film, a family-friendly romp. 

Aaron Jackson: You think Barbie was big? [Laughs

JS: Luckily we’ve been doing it as a two-man stage show, so I think the pitch is hard to hear, but when you see us do it on stage you sort of get what we’re going for. 

AJ: Our producers tuned in and saw it, and they really responded to it. Then A24 got on board, then Larry, and then it sort of became a bit of a runaway train. 

What was it like working with Megan Thee Stallion and how did you guys think to cast her as your boss in the film? 

Larry Charles: Well that character emerged, you know, in the writing. Once [Aaron and Josh] had written the character of Gloria, it seemed like you needed an assertive person to play that role. And so we were asked to kind of make lists— 

JS: Well Meg’s normally pretty subdued, but we thought maybe she could possess that [energy].  

LC: Yeah, we had a lot of people on lists, but Megan Thee Stallion was one of those people that you go “Well, we’re not gonna get her, but we’ll put her on the list because what risk does it make.” And then when we approached her, she was interested.