Hustle Hans is a fresh vibe of the culture. We got a chance to link with Hans to get a deeper glimpse into his craft. Here are 10 Questions we pulled from our chat that showcases his greatness.

1. What would you say got you into music?
My friend owned a studio and I would go hang out there on the weekend. I started writing my own music and then learned how to record it myself. That is how I got into music.

2. Do you have a any influence that helped you shape your sound?
The influences that helped shape my sound were hip-hop/rap/r & b, reggae music, and Caribbean culture.

3. Where would you say where you are from or represent?
I’m from Trinidad and I would say that I represent the entire Caribbean.

4. What would you say is “the culture” and what is its future?
I would say the culture is art and the ability to express yourself through your music and style.

5. Do you like collabs? If so, who in your close connections would you want to collab with next that you think you could make a hit with?
I do like collabs with the right artists. If ever given the opportunity, I would like to collab with Drake, Burna Boy, Chris Brown and/or Nicki Minaj

6. What is your favorite software to work in and why?
My favorite software to work with is Pro Tools because of the mixing and production quality.

7. Who’s your favorite artist of all time?
My favorite artist of all time is Lauryn Hill

8. Which artist influenced you the most?
The artist that influenced me the most in terms of style and being independent is Young Dolph, Pop Smoke, and Vybz Kartel

9. What is next for you?
I’m just going to continue putting out good music with the ultimate goal of building an authentic fanbase.

10. When Do You Think is the Next Project?
My project comes out on March 22nd.

As we anticipate his upcoming project check out his last project on spotify.

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