From Introvert to Rising Star: The Story of Ouija Gizmo’s Journey to Fame


Growing up in a tough area and struggling with poverty can be a challenging experience. For Ouija Gizmo, it turned him into an introvert who preferred not to talk about his problems. However, music provided him with an escape from his reality, allowing him to mix his love for horror movies and rap into one.

Ouija Gizmo is a Pittsburgh native who has been writing music since he was 15. It wasn’t until a year and a half ago that he started taking his craft seriously. Since then, he has done plenty of performances and has seen his fans turn up and sing along to his lyrics.

His love for horror movies is evident in his artist name, Ouija Gizmo. The name is a perfect fit for the type of music he creates. The gizmo part of his name is a nod to the classic movie, Gremlins. Ouija Gizmo refers to himself as the “gremlin that’s not supposed to get fed after midnight.”

Ouija Gizmo’s biggest break came when he landed a role in Mayor of Kingstown season 2. This opportunity was a massive jump for his career, not just in the world of rapping but also in acting. He was struggling to be heard before, but now he finally feels like he is gaining the fans he always prayed for.

Ouija Gizmo’s story is a testament to the power of music and the determination to follow one’s dreams. Despite growing up in difficult circumstances, he has managed to turn his love for horror movies and rap into a successful career. With his talent and passion, it’s no surprise that he’s gaining a following and making a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

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