Rappers and Rabbis Drop Passover Hit “Drip Drip”


Rappers and Rabbis are a crew of thought leaders who bridge that gap between Hip Hop culture and Judaism. They have an album and many singles that solidify their mark in their respective niche market of Jewish Hip Hop. Recently the crew got together for an epic Passover Seder and filmed a new video for their song “Drip Drip”. The song is a staple from their Hip Hop Haggadah album and prayer book that is about the Passover ritual where 10 drops of wine out of a cup commemorates the pain endured by the Egyptians during the 10 Plagues. The song produced by Digital Crates is an equal mix of traditional klezmer and modern trap music. The blend of the musical elements of the song is as varied as the members of the group who are featured on this song. Myster-E begins with a hook that sets the tone for amazing verses from Internal Rhyme and Jaron with a memorable bridge from Rivir.

The video was shot by Higher Ground Radio and perfectly catches the sentiment of the message behind the song. Preaching unity and togetherness the Rappers and Rabbis crew gained support from both the Jewish and Hip Hop communities when this video dropped. It has now racked up over 10,000 views on youtube and been endlessly reposted on social media thus becoming a part of the modern Hip Hop Haggadah songbook! For more information about Rappers and Rabbis check out their website www.rappersandrabbis.com and more of their music and videos on all streaming platforms.

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