Ice Cube Admits He Regrets Turning Down O-Dog Role In ‘Menace II Society’


While Ice Cube has led an extensive career in film, he admitted in a sit-down with the On The Guest List podcast that there was one movie role he missed out on that haunts him to this day.

“I would say Menace II Society,” Cube said when asked if there were any scripts he regrets passing on. “I had a shot to do O-Dog, even though I think Larenz Tate killed it, I just didn’t wanna be type cast. You know what I mean? I was like, ‘I just did Boys N The Hood and they just gonna have me be the L.A. gangbanger you know what I mean every damn movie’ and [Menace] was like the second movie I got offered so I was like, ‘Nah I don’t wanna play that.’ That was one movie that when I saw it I was like, ‘Ooo that role is cold.’”

The N.W.A. legend kickstarted his film career by starring as Doughboy in John Singleton’s 1991 classic Boys N The Hood. From there, he would go on to star in other classics such as Friday, Barbershop, and Are We There Yet? After John Singleton unexpectedly died in 2019, Ice Cube both thanked and mourned the man who solidified his big transition into film.

“I was discovered by a master filmmaker by the name of John Singleton,” Cube wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of him and Singleton at the 1999 Cannes Film Festival. “He not only made me a movie star but made me a filmmaker. There are no words to express how sad I am to lose my brother, friend & mentor. He loved bring the black experience to the world.”

Elsewhere in his interview with On The Guest List, Cube also offered his take on who he believed to be the GOAT of rap.

“It’s hard to beat Lil Wayne,” Cube said. “His metaphors are otherworldly. As far as lyrics and can make hits, you know. Has been copied all these years and nothing but clones of Lil Wayne at the end of the day. So I just think, besides myself. I’ve done so much for the culture, but uh, yeah, yeah he’s dope.”

Watch the full interview below.