Ice Spice Releases Hot New Single “Phat Butt”


Today, GRAMMY-nominated rapper and pop culture sensation Ice Spice unleashes the pulse-pounding new single “Phat Butt.” Defiant, sexy, and dripping with attitude, the summer anthem features on the rapper’s hotly anticipated debut album Y2K! — due July 26. The project also includes recent hits “Think U The Shit (Fart)” and “Gimmie A Light.”

“Hatin’ bitches be angry, hatin’ bitches they ain’t me,” Ice Spice spits on “Phat Butt” over RIOTUSA’s bone-rattling beats and ferocious percussion. “How the fuck I’m still chewing bitches in plain shorts and a grey tee?” From there, the multi-platinum hitmaker outlines why she is the moment. “Rap bitch on the pop chart, toasting bitches like pop tarts,” she declares. “Fat butt and a back tatt and I been bad like Mike Jack.” Both a razor-sharp missive to opps and a party-starting banger, “Phat Butt” is peak Ice Spice

That also applies to the self-directed video that finds the rap superstar performing in front of graffiti. Ice Spice rocks a yellow bob with sharp bangs as she preens and poses in a designer fit complemented with serious bling. Clever use of filters gives the visual a gritty edge, but ultimately the 24-year-old is front and center — as she should be.