Ice Spice Twitter Spaces With Fans Confirms Latto Was Target Of Subliminal “Fart” Diss?


Ice Spice fans are convinced that the rising Bronx star may have been shading Latto in her recent single, “Think U The S##t (Fart),” based on a recent virtual chat.

Earlier this weekend, Spice spent time with her listeners on Twitter (X), engaging with them during a lengthy Spaces conversation. Amid the banter, the “Deli” rapper appeared to reveal her latest viral single, affectionately truncated as #Fart, was actually a response to a possible sneak diss Latto sent her way while previewing a snippet earlier this month.

“Seeing that I’m in the back of your weak a## snippet?” Spice said. “I was like, ‘Wait a second, that’s me?’ So I’m like, ‘Since we’re talking about me, let’s talk about me,’ so I dropped that [“Fart”]. It was really just a snippet. I was like, ‘This has to be fake. This is AI.’ But b**ches be bold, so I was like, ‘Oh, we’re being bold today.’”

In the snippet Spice references, Latto and an associate can be seen sitting in front of a screen while her “Pretty Girl” music video plays in the background. To add insult to injury, during the snippet Latto raps, “I just want a one-on-one, don’t know why she so nervous.”

In reality, though, #Fart could’ve been brewing for a long time, considering tension has been building between Spice and Latto ever since the Atlanta rapper appears to snub her “Bikini Bottom” song last year in an interview clip that went viral. Not to mention Latto seemingly dissed Spice in her guest verse for Offset’s Set It Off track “FINE AS CAN BE” when she rapped “That n**ga a munch, Yo’ bookin’ fee, ate it for lunch,” along with a slew of other bars worthy of a “sneak diss” label.

Check out the full video for Spice’s flatulent single below.