"Icewear Vezzo Unveils His Freestyle "Laffy Taffy""


Detroit Native Icewear Vezzo made an appearance on the YouTube channel On The Radar, showcasing his skills with a new freestyle. Prior to the performance, Vezzo claimed he would rap over any beat they chose. “I told @ontheradarradio it ain’t matter what beat they played,” said Vezzo. “I’m walking to whatever.” Despite his undeniable talent, the artist insists that he does not want to be labeled as a rapper.

Vezzo later took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the “rapper” label. “It’s a difference between a rapper and a real [ninja emoji] that rap,” Vezzo expressed in his post. “Them two totally different type people. Rappers move, act, and carry themselves like ho’s – mood swings and all. That’s why I don’t like being called a rapper. That shit an insult.” Although Vezzo may not view himself as a rapper, his freestyle showcases his ability to tackle any challenge.

Vezzo Can Rap Over Anything In the freestyle video posted on On The Radar‘s YouTube account, Vezzo further demonstrates his exceptional skills. He manages to make the beat his own, an impressive feat given the song’s popularity. “The road ain’t got too hot for 75 / Went and got a new route,” Vezzo raps. “Stick on me, get bored / Might f*ck around and go have a shootout/ AP on me shine just like the sun / My Rollie cool down.”

Moreover, Vezzo recently unveiled his Gangsta Grillz mixtape, Paint The City. He collaborated with several big names, such as Kodak Black, 2 Chainz, and Future. The release followed the announcement of his signing to Atlanta-based label, Quality Control. Fans have praised the project, and the response to the new freestyle is no different. The comment section on the video is overwhelmingly positive. “Vezzo been the vibe,” remarked one fan. “The rap game needed Vezzo,” noted another. “…One of the most promising Michigan rappers to date.” Overall, what do you think of the “Laffy Taffy” freestyle? Share your thoughts in the comments.