ICYMI: Ella Mai Releases the Tracklist and Release Date for ‘Heart on My Sleeve’ Album


Ella Mai is set to release her new album, Heart on My Sleeve, on May 6. The album will be released on 10 Summers/Interscope records. “I poured my whole heart into this album, more so than ever before. I am overly excited for this sophomore journey. Let’s do it all over again,” Mai said on Instagram.

The new album will be 15 songs in length and will feature Latto, Roddy Ricch, and Lucky Daye.

Speaking with Zane Lowe on New Daily Music on Apple Music 1, Ella Mai cited the lead single, “DFMU” as “almost a therapy session.”

“This song in this process was very, very hard for me because it was like my life in real time,” Ella Mai said. “So it was almost a therapy session when I was in the session. But I think that’s the best way. All the people that I grew up listening to are always very, very honest. And I’ve always just appreciated honesty. I think it’s the best way I think that people can relate to you also so…I was having a very honest conversation with Prince Charlez who I wrote the song with about I was going through at that point. And it just was basically a conversation, and it just came together that way. And I think those are the best songs because storytelling is just conversation really.” 

She added, “It was one of the ones during the recording process that I just knew it had to make… I think it was maybe the 10th song in the recording process. I recorded a whole bunch of songs. And I remember saying to my day manager, I was like, ‘Yeah, this is making the list.’ And she was like, ‘We just started. Calm down. There’s no list yet. We’ve got a long way to go.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah. Yeah, I know. But I just feel this one. I just feel this one on a different level.’ And I’m grateful that it still made the list.”

You can hear the single and see the full tracklist below.