IDK and NLE Choppa Team Up for New Single ‘Salty’


IDK and NLE Choppa team up on their new single “Salty.” The energetic track features both rappers trading verses over a hard-hitting beat, with IDK delivering an infectious hook. The song is accompanied by a music video directed by IDK himself, which sees the two rappers performing in various locations.

In a statement, IDK described the collaboration with NLE Choppa as “organic” and “special,” saying that the two artists share a “mutual respect” for each other’s craft. He also revealed that the idea for the song came from a conversation he had with his producer, where they were discussing how people can act “salty” when they see others succeed.

“Salty” marks the latest release from IDK, who has been steadily building momentum in the rap world with his introspective lyrics and inventive production. The song also showcases NLE Choppa’s versatile flow and sharp wordplay, making for a dynamic collaboration between two rising stars in the hip-hop scene.