Influencer Documented Husband’s Threats Before He Committed Murder-Suicide


The police began a search for the husband, but discovered his body a few hours later behind a Waipahu residence and recovered a gun from the scene.

Theresa’s family claims she filed a temporary restraining order on her husband which was finalized this week. The conditions of the order included staying 100 yards away from Theresa, surrendering his firearms, and working out visitation rights for him to spend Christmas Eve with his daughter, per KHON. Her family also said that she used to live with Jason’s family, but moved out last year.

In the filing for the restraining order, Theresa alleged that Jason had made threats to take his own life and would show up to her new home unannounced. “I am doing this to protect myself, my children, and to hopefully get him the help he needs,” she reportedly wrote.

The order was filed on Dec. 8 and days later officers with the Specialized Services Division recovered five of the suspect’s registered firearms.

Stephen Johnson, Theresa’s father, along with his sister, Kathleen, visited the site where his daughter was killed on Christmas Day.

“The police are supposed to protect,” said Stephen, who called his daughter his “best friend.”

“They didn’t. They failed my niece, they failed her miserably,” added Theresa who condemned the “heinous” act that “could have been prevented.”