Internal Affairs By Nemo P Is Almost Done


Returning to the scene to satisfy his fan base musically, the savvy businessman himself goes full rapper mode preparing a new studio album ”Internal Affairs” by Nemo P .

Nemo P’s “Internal Affairs” EP is a raw and authentic representation of his life experiences and struggles growing up in Brooklyn. The EP consists of four tracks already available everywhere, each showcasing Nemo P’s unique style of rapping and storytelling. The beats are hard-hitting with prod from Lil 808z ,YoungStephTV, SkaarMadetheBeat & More. The lyrics are powerful, rigid and swift painting a vivid picture of the realities of life in the inner city.

It is important to note that the digital version of the EP only includes these four songs, which may leave some fans wanting more. However, the full album (LP) will have an brick and mortar approach making it available physically only with a limited number of signed copies and merchandise, which is exciting news for Nemo P’s dedicated cult fanbase “The Piffys”. Overall, “Internal Affairs” is a solid release from “Nemo P” that showcases his talent and growth as an artist. The EP is definitely worth a listen for fans of raw and authentic hip-hop.

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