Is Coi Leray Sneak Dissin’ Trippie Redd Or Speaking Facts On This “Blue Moon’ EP Bar?


Coi Leray may be years removed from her rapper ex-boyfriend Trippie Redd, but it seems as though she may still be overcoming the trauma she endured during the relationship.

Embedded within the “Players” rapper’s recent five-track Blue Moon EP lies some rather shady lyrics seemingly casting a shadow on her former Ohio-bred bae’s current album promo campaign. Coi Leray’s point of emphasis arrives on the third track, “Isabel Marant,” during which she raps boldly on the hook, “Tried to count me out, and now I’m big as Trippie Redd (Yeah, Red, Red).” While the sneak diss isn’t anything too lethal, it appears as though she’s really standing on her pen, as the record has already received the visual treatment as well.

In the grand scheme of things, the one-liner is pretty on-brand as far as the tone of the entire project goes. Throughout all five records on the EP, she’s essentially clearing the skeletons from her closet while mastering meandering and melodic production with ease.

However, even though Coi Leray and Trippie Redd dated for less than a year in 2019, they seem to have become kindred souls within the music industry realm. In 2020, Trippie aired out their issues on a song he released called “Leray,” which prompted a Twitter response from her, but nothing more.

“Let this be the last f###### project with my name on it,” she wrote. “that’s all ima say…time will heal.”

So why now, more than three years after the fact, is Coi Leray itching for a sense of get-back by shooting off back-handed disses on wax? When you look at the data, the best way I can describe it is kind of like a power struggle or game of tug of war going on between them.

Trippie’s recent album, A Love Letter To You 5, outsold Coi Leray’s self-titled project in pure unit sales by a margin of roughly 32,000 first-week units compared to 11,000 for COI. However, Leray’s project debuted at No. 102 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart, while Trippie’s didn’t reach the set.

Then again, Trippie Redd boasts a chart-topping album in the form of A Love Letter To You 4—an accolade Coi Leray has yet to obtain. Leray has seven million followers on Instagram, while Trippe boasts 13 million. Any way you cut it, these are both still full-fledged rap stars.

I can’t necessarily say Trippie Redd is bigger than Coi Leary much in the same way I can’t confidently believe that statement if it were in reverse. Because in my opinion, they are neck and neck at this current moment. Stream the entire Blue Moon EP below.