Is Lil Baby’s Team Prepping $75K Lawsuit For IG Model Behind Salacious Sex Rumor?


Lil Baby may be enlisting his legal team to draft a hefty lawsuit aimed at an Instagram model who claims she ate the 4PF rapper’s groceries.

The woman in question, Teresa Lavae, began divulging the rumors that she played with Lil Baby’s ass while also speaking on her alleged sexual exploits with A$AP Rocky.

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Lavae went into explicit detail about the sexual acts she purportedly performed on Wham during her appearance on the We In Miami podcast, even going as far as claiming that Lil Baby paid her $40,000 for the acts involving his dairyaire.

Lavae also claimed she and A$AP Rocky were sexually involved. She said she also engaged in foreplay in the Harlem rapper’s posterior region. While none of the claims are substantiated and are clearly questionable in validity and credibility, Lavae appeared to have direct messages from both A$AP Rocky and Lil Baby from as early 2020, when she claims the exploits began.

While there appears to be no official statement from Lil Baby or his team, reports of a 4PF spokesperson confirming a defamation lawsuit in the minimum amount of $75,000 have began circulating following Lavae’s claims. This all has to be somewhat cumbersome for Lil Baby, though, considering he beat the allegations he cheated on his ex-girlfriend and baby mama Jayda Cheaves with adult film star Miss London—who also claimed she was paid as much as $16,000 for the one-night-stand.

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